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Struggling to pay for Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s how to get help paying for it

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and some low income families are already struggling to make ends meet with the cost of inflation.

There are various resources available to those in need when it comes to holiday dinners.

A report projected that 42 million people in America might experience food insecurity in 2021.

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Here are some local resources that can help families in need this Thanksgiving

Places like food banks, soup kitchens, and food cupboards can supply Thanksgiving meals.

Check online for your local banks and kitchens to see if they have times for meals or distributions.

Also find out if signing up is required.

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The Salvation Army can also provide support to families in need this holiday season.

Many local Salvation Armies will also provide dinners or meals. After Thanksgiving, they also work to provide families Christmas dinners.

Local churches sometimes offer their communities meals as well with volunteers making and handing out the food.

Some churches create baskets to give to their community.

Check with your local churches to see if they’re doing anything for the holiday and if there are any requirements to participate.

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