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How to get more dates online when you’re in mature age

Let’s be honest. When you don’t have the stunning looks of a young lad or lass, you must pay some attention to your online dating profile to get more mature dates. However, the burning question is how you tweak it to capture the attention of the people you want. You might not meet a billion-dollar beauty mogul-like perfect person on the dating website, but you can attract a quality single man or woman (or another gender) who will complement your lifestyle.

Set your expectations high and be positive about attracting your match

Any authentic mature person deserves to find a great relationship that meets their emotional needs, but sometimes even the best of us need guidance. Using time-tested ways to improve your online dating profile would be the right decision. There is always the question of where you can start your online partner search and for your first try as a mature single you should choose a community of mature and experienced like-minded daters. While placing the profile on a platform designed for mature dating, you don’t have to seem hip or trendy; you can be comfortable around your profile just as you are in your own skin. Mature users will appreciate this because there is at least one thing that unites you – you are mature people who feel invigorated to find love again after the first few failed tries.

How to Optimize Your Online Dating Profile to Get More Dates

  • Make new pictures

Even if you are a mature single, there are different ways to show your active lifestyle and hobbies. Perhaps you like to go to trivia night every week or windsurf at the beach, which isn’t always expected from people above a certain age. How will you show yourself enjoying life? People will respond to authentic pics.

  • Have your good friend review your “about me” section

Your closest friends know all about your good points and bad points. They can help you say something fun about your personality, other than “I’m x years old, looking for a mature and responsible partner.” They can also help you decide what to post, such as whether you love to knit, go on the long walks at the beach or race your Ford Mustang to no limit, so other users knew what to expect from you. A good relationship or a casual hookup will be based on both people clearly sharing their intentions and goals.

  • Talk about where you’ve traveled

Not everyone will share your passion for traveling, but they love a good story. Matures, especially the ones who never left the country, can appreciate hearing about places they’ve never been to. They put themselves in your shoes. You can even include a picture from your favorite overseas trip; those are perfect because everyone is usually incredibly happy at them. For example, if you went to Machu Picchu, this fun fact would spark interest in another user.

  • Make yourself seem positive and fun

Nobody wants to read a boring profile or hear you put yourself down, which is pretty common for mature people who haven’t found a partner until a certain life point or have been divorced recently. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can talk about how you recently started a new exercise plan. But, if you’re depressed and just looking for a text buddy to make you feel better about yourself, then don’t post that detail!

  • Encourage people to contact you

Use your «about me» section, usually reserved for a personal essay about what makes you tick and who are you looking for in a mature singles community, to write a greeting to other members. They aren’t sure which profiles are real and fake, and an extensive section about all the interesting things about your life will help! Mature guys and gals know some people hardly check their dating profiles, but if yours looks fresh and constantly updated, it’ll earn you bonus points.

  • Manifest your dream lover

There is something to be said for creating positive intentions and sending them out to the universe. You can attract the ideal partner, in any range, from businessman to a traveler, to help you on the journey of life. However, you don’t know where he or she is or when they will find you. Putting your ad on the dating site definitely increases your chances of matching with a single person.


Wear your mature status with pride because it means you have come a long way along your romantic journey, learning many insights about yourself. Based on past relationships, you know what kind of connection will work for you, so our advice is mostly formal; you should know everything yourself. Maybe you prefer to be single and live your life authentically; others would like to get into a hot and naughty situationship – set up your profile according to those. Mature dating is almost as easy as the kind of constant search for love that youngsters practice; once you get a hold of it, a perfect relationship starts to show itself to you.

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