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How Finger Lakes businesses can make an impact on first-time clients

9,000 square miles of area for a four-season vacation destination and known for its 11 glacial lakes, Finger Lakes is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the USA. Its wine region is celebrated globally and the Wine Tour is on its way to becoming the 4th best tour in the US. It’s also a must for outdoor lovers who will absolutely love its picturesque beauty while hiking or biking. In 2018, Finger Lakes had more than 5 million visitors who spent a little over $2 billion. With tourism as one of its major economic drivers, business owners will do well to present an outstanding first impression. Here are some tips on how to captivate tourists and permanent residents to your enterprise.
Finger Lakes Businesses
Decide On Your Branding
Branding will make your business distinctive from all other companies in Finger Lakes. Branding is not limited to the business logo. It should be able to convey what product or service you are offering, how you provide it, and why yours is better than the others. Branding is reflected in your online and actual premises, how the staff caters to clients, and how you build relationships with your customers.
Make Your Presence Known 
As this is the digital age, consider getting your own website. A 2019 study shows that 81% of consumers research a product or service before purchasing something. Make sure that all the essential information such as location, telephone or cellphone numbers, e-mail address, and directions are easily found on your website. Consider employing local SEO marketing so that locals are also aware of your business.
Showcase Your Shop
Pay attention to your branding when designing your store. Avoid giving your premises a generic look. People will remember your business more when there’s something impressive and unique about your decor both inside and outside. Make certain that your building is clean and tidy. Even older establishments will look refreshed when it’s regularly deep-cleaned and maintained. Cleanliness and orderliness show a sense of pride. When things are messy and dirty, it somehow conveys the message “If your business doesn’t care about its surroundings, how can it be expected to care for its customers.”
Deliver Excellent Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is a vital component of any business. Clients who are happy with the product or service you provide create loyalty, retention, and repeat business. It also paves the way for referrals, which will send new customers your way. Make an effort to show you care during and after a purchase has been completed. A thank you note or e-mail shows that you appreciate the customer. It can also be an opportunity to ask if there’s anything your business needs to improve on.
The adage “first impressions last” is certainly true for business. If clients don’t have positive experiences with your company, it is unlikely that they will return. You have this one chance to show them why yours is better than the others.
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