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Expert says the end of the pandemic is closer that people think

Is the pandemic almost over with? One expert says the pandemic phase of the Coronavirus is near.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, said the U.S. is almost out of the woods when it comes to pandemic status.

He said that while the U.S. approaches the end of the pandemic phase, the virus is preparing to enter the endemic phase. He added that as things improve, cases my start to increase.

Gottlieb said even if cases increase, it does not mean the country is battling another wave of infections like it has for the last two years.

Now that children can get vaccinated and several antibody treatments exist, Gottlieb feels its almost time for the pandemic to end.

He had originally said the two things stopping the pandemic from ending was the fact that children could not be vaccinated and the antiviral pills were unavailable.

90% of Americans will likely have some sort of immunity by the time Thanksgiving arrives, whether it’s natural or vaccinated.

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