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It’s possible to get $1,800 for the December child tax credit payment, here’s how

Deadlines for opting in and out of the child tax credit payments are approaching fast.

To opt out, you need to do so by tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 11. Some reasons for opting out may be to avoid the possibility of owing taxes in 2022.

The option to opt in is up after Monday, Nov. 15, which also happens to be the day of the next child tax credit payment.

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How do I opt in to receive an $1,800 child tax credit payment?

Many people that need to opt in are non-filers, because they don’t make enough to need to file for taxes every year. Most people getting the credits file taxes and were identified by the IRS, not needing to take any action except to opt out.

Non-filers may still sign up for the payments using the tool.

To use the tool you need your social security number or individual taxpayer ID number.

The tool was created to make it easier for families to get the payments.

Those who take advantage of it will get the full amount of all the payments, up to $1,800 per child, Dec. 15. That is the last scheduled day for child tax credit payments to go out.

If non-filers opt to not use the tool, they will need to file taxes next year in order to get the credits.

The tool will also help families get the three stimulus checks that have gone out.

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