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Auburn board of education cannot agree on how to fill vacancy: Longtime Cayuga Legislator Patrick Mahunik leads consideration

The Auburn Enlarged City School District cannot seem to move forward. The board of education there has experienced difficulty coming up with a plan to address a vacancy.

A workshop was held, in which ideas were debated and discussed. Joe Sheppard, who had previously joined the board in October 2017, resigned from his post.

Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo says the board has options for replacing the vacancy. For example, it could be left empty until the next school board election. Alternatively, they could hold a special election. Or, the existing school board members could simply appoint someone to fill out the remainder of the term.

Another option? Going to the next-highest vote recipient from the last election, and naming them to the post.

The Citizen reported that members Matteo Bartolotta, William Andre and Jeff Gasper all thought going to the list, which would have placed longtime Cayuga County Legislator Patrick Mahunik in lead contention for the vacancy.

Board President Ian Phillips said the board couldn’t make any decisions at the workshop because it wasn’t a full-meeting. By the time the session ended, Phillips said he didn’t feel the board came to a consensus.

The matter is expected to come up at the board’s next full-meeting.