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Save yourself money doing these six things before you go grocery shopping

As inflation drives the prices of groceries up, many Americans are struggling to keep their grocery bills within reason.

Inflation has caused a total 5.4% increase in consumer prices from Sept. of 2020 to Sept. of 2021.

Here are six things you should try to help cut back on your grocery bill

Choose what meals you want to make and which ingredients are necessary to create them all.

Make a list of everything that goes into these recipes, from spices, to produce.

If these recipes are part of a meal plan for the week, list them for each day of the week.

See if any of the ingredients are the same for any of the recipes to cut that list of ingredients down.

After the ingredients are all figured out, create one big grocery list.

Finally, before you go to the store, check to see what you already have on hand to cross off that list.

Most importantly, try to just stick to the list when shopping.

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