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One woman has COVID-19 side effects that lead her to wash clothes it toilet, drink soap and remove clothing

A woman from Doha, Qatar tested positive for COVID-19 and was considered healthy with no mental health issues. She is 30 years old.

After testing positive, she exhibited bizarre, out of character behavior due to the virus.

She was quarantined where she developed mild physical symptoms, but her family began to notice the strange actions.

Her description was agitated, needing less sleep, and talking excessively, according to British Medical Journal Case Reports.

Family said she was hallucinating, taking off her clothes, not saying her family member’s names right, and drank a bottle of shower gel, which was what ultimately made her family bring her to the hospital.

Staff said she was agitated, wandering the unit asking to go home but had normal tests despite her mental state being erratic. She never ingested alcohol or drugs or had any history of mental health issues.

She stayed for 5 days and had normal vitals, but continued to have strange behavior.

By her third day she began to get better and was released on the fifth day.

Her symptoms reported were mild with slight cough, and loss of taste and smell. She also appeared to have pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Delirium has been a side effect that is rare, but shows up in patients ages 65 and older. It’s possible the virus inflamed the woman’s brain.

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