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One woman was told her social security benefits will be held from her until she’s 100 years old

A Florida woman was sent a letter saying she owes over $237,000 in overpayments to social security, making this the second time her benefits have been withheld from her.

The woman, Mamie Walker, 87, of Tampa Florida, says for two months she hasn’t been able to pay her bills or buy groceries due to a mistake that still hasn’t been explained to her.

All she’s received is a letter from the Social Security Administration explaining that she cannot get her payments until Sept. of 2034 due to her owing $237,000 for overpayments, according to WBTV News Channel 13.

She had her social security cut one other time in 2019 for apparently owing $200,000 in student loan debt, despite never having gone to college. After being contacted by an investigator they looked into the issue and restored her benefits with no issue until now.

The administration said they would look into it again and try to help her get the benefits back.

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