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Will people who collect social security be getting a fourth stimulus check?

The Senior Citizens League continues to call on Congress to send a one-time check worth $1,400 to seniors that collect and live on social security benefits.

The letter sent to Congress brought up the COLA and inflation, saying this specific group of Americans was hit especially hard during the pandemic and needs the support.

There is also a petition that currently has almost 3 million signatures supporting adults and children getting a fourth check.

They ask for $2,000 for adults and $1,000 per child for the remainder of the pandemic.

If the petition passes 3 million signatures it will be the most signed petition in the website’s history. 2,946,803 have signed as of this writing.

Many lawmakers are in support of sending out additional checks, but the Biden administration remains focused on the infrastructure bill and social spending plan.

The chance of getting additional checks is unlikely.

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