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There is no reason to be concerned about the AY.4.2 variant of COVID-19

Experts have said that Americans do not need to worry about AY.4.2, or the delta plus variant.

At the moment this variant makes up for about 10% of the cases in the U.K. and stems from the original Delta variant.

The variant began showing up in the U.K. over the summer and has two genetic mutations that make it easier to spread.

While the variant is probably around 10% more transmissible, experts stand behind their statement that there is no cause for concern.

It’s normal for new variants to come out of old variants as they mutate. One doctor with John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Dr. Amesh Adalja, said mutations are unlikely to drastically change the journey of the pandemic.

In comparison to the Delta variant, which is 60% more transmissible compared to the Alpha variant that spread first, this variant is spreading at a much slower pace.

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