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COVID-19 has been found to have major side effects on the brain

Researchers have found that brain fog with memory loss appear to be long term symptoms from COVID-19 in a new study.

The study looked at 740 COVID-19 patients, some who were infected with COVID and some who had had the vaccine.

Data was reviewed from April of 2020 through May of 2021.

Researchers used a cognitive function measurement like counting numbers forward and backward, language tests, and other measurements of testing.

Memory recall and encoding were the biggest cognitive deficits found in COVID-19 patients.

Patients that were hospitalized struggled with attention, executive functioning, category fluency, memory encoding, and memory recall.

Brain fog and memory issues have been discussed widely in connection with COVID-19 since its spread.

Though patients seem to recover from the physical ailments brought on by COVID like fever and respiratory issues, headaches and memory loss lingers.

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