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How should parents approach their children about the COVID-19 vaccine?

The decision to allow kids ages 5-11 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is happening this week, and many parents are anxious.

The approval is expected sometime next week from the CDC and many states have started ordering the doses for kids.

Many parents with kids ages 12-18 have already chosen to get their kids vaccinated.

Older kids are mostly aware of the vaccine after talking about it with their family and friends, but younger kids may not understand.

Younger children are the least likely to understand the importance of COVID-19 vaccines, and normally don’t like any sort of shot.

Parents can explain to their children, who have likely had other required vaccines, that this one works the same way. Parents with kids who are aware of the pandemic should really ask them what they know and understand about it and listen closely.

Older kids should feel respected and be given the proper information.

Many parents have different questions and opinions, with some excited to get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible, and others feeling they want to know more information about its effectiveness and safety.

It’s important for kids to get vaccinated as well if they’re around sick, older, or immunocompromised adult family members.

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