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Are you still waiting for the $10,200 unemployment tax refund? Here’s how to check the status

A lot of people filed their taxes before the American Rescue Plan went into law.

If that’s the case, those people may be entitled to a refund for their taxed unemployment income.

The law included a $10,200 tax exemption for unemployment benefits. This made that amount of money not taxed as earned income.

The amount a family will receive depends on their total income, tax bracket, and how much of the money came from benefits.

The average refund is around $1,265 for those who overpaid on taxes. The benefits were given to those laid off and self-employed.

Married couples were able to exclude $20,400 from their earnings.

The IRS identified over 10 million returns that were filed before the law went into effect, but not all qualified for this refund.

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Many people began getting their refunds in May and continued throughout the summer, but the IRS has stayed quiet in regard to those who haven’t gotten them.

13 million have been processed, and there are around 436,000 left to go. These were flagged by the error system, and need to be manually reviewed to determine if a refund is due or a mistake was made.

There is no form required for this return, the IRS will make the adjustment accordingly.

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Those still waiting likely had a more complicated tax return. The IRS started with the simplest ones.

If you want to check the status, the IRS will send a letter for returns that are corrected. This will signal you should be getting that refund.

The letters are sent within thirty days of the correction being made.

There’s no way to track this refund the way other refunds can be tracked with portals and apps.

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