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President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is expected to cause major issues in the workforce

People against the vaccine mandate are threatening to walk off the job now that Biden has declared businesses with over 100 employees will need to vaccinate their workers.

Workers that worked all through the pandemic are threatening to quit after feeling their constitutional rights have been violated. The groups are small, as many employees do get vaccinated, but they’re big enough to disrupt the labor industry.

They’re also having an influence on vaccine hesitancy, something that allowed Delta to surge over the summer.

People are quitting or being fired in all industries in protest of the mandate, especially after having medical or religious exemptions denied.

A date has not been announced for the mandate to go into effect, but it’s expected to happen soon and the situation will likely turn more volatile than it already is.

Many workers are leaving large companies to join smaller businesses that don’t require the vaccine, and smaller businesses are seeking these individuals out by promising they won’t need the vaccine.

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