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Americans are getting used to the pandemic and have adapted to it being part of their normal, everyday life

A recent poll shows two things about New Yorker’s and their perception of the pandemic.

First, they’ve adapted to always carrying masks around and comfortably going out into public.

Second, almost two years into the pandemic they do not feel that the pandemic will be over anytime soon.

The Siena College poll offered the following data:

  • 50% of New Yorker’s believe the worst of the pandemic is over
  • 36% believe the worst is yet to come
  • 78% said they think about protecting themselves and their family from COVID in their daily lives
  • 91% are very comfortable or comfortable going to the grocery store
  • 73% are comfortable eating inside of a restaurant
  • 61% feel at ease working their job they had before the pandemic
  • 57% feel safe attending a movie
  • 52% are comfortable attending a sporting event
  • 51% are comfortable attending a Broadway show
  • 91% report carrying a mask when they leave their homes