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Kids under 19 make up 20.6% of COVID infections, but community spread is still the culprit, not school

Experts are saying that with new cases and hospitalizations plateauing in New York, this is a new wave of COVID-19, and this time it involves young people.

Early on in the pandemic there wasn’t as great of a concern for young people to contract the virus, but today children ages 0-19 make up 20.6% of all infections throughout the entire pandemic.

The total number of cases for New York children is 10,414, the highest of any age group. Delta really took off in Sept., leaving 13 kids in the hospital. All were unvaccinated.

In total, 1% of all kids who have tested positive ended up hospitalized.

One change is in-person learning has returned and kids are back around each other for 5 days out of the week after being quarantined for the majority of the last 18 months.

Even now some schools are forced to go remote periodically due to the spread of COVID, or due to a shortage of bus drivers because of COVID.

Experts believe that while some spread is probably happening in school, it’s not the main culprit.

Behavior among community members is much more relaxed compared to last year, with less social distancing and less mask use for vaccinated individuals.