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New York’s positivity rates for COVID-19 decrease, but certain counties see spikes

Overall New York State has seen the number of COVID-19 cases decrease, but some areas remain significantly high.

33,490 new cases were reported Sunday, a 1% increase from the prior week.

The difference in regions was large, with a low of 1.2% for positivity rate in New York City, to a high rate of 6.2% in the North Country.

Central New York was 5.4% and the Finger Lakes Region was 5%.

The United States have seen a 9.7% decrease as a whole.

Some counties remain incredibly high, like Broome County with a 26.5% increase in one week which included six deaths compared to three weeks before.

Monroe County has seen a 21% increase.

Data seems to show that areas with higher vaccination rates are seeing lower positivity rates.