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Is the Better Jobs Act really an answer to fixing the home health care crisis?

One of the biggest things President Joe Biden’s infrastructure agenda is tackling is the American Jobs Plan, which would help millions of family members caring for their loved ones in need of home health care.

Many only receive $12.50 per hour through Medicaid to stay home and care for their family member, while many other places and industries pay higher wages. For example, McDonald’s starts workers at $15.00 per hour.

While finding work elsewhere would make sense, it isn’t an option when a loved one is in need of care 24/7.

The American Jobs Act has $400 billion in funding to help repair community-based and home care, and would last for 8 years.

The plan is focusing on the expansion of Medicaid to create more home care options as well as increase wages and benefits for those that do home healthcare work.

The plan has its issues though, and is more of a quick fix than a revamping of a program riddled with issues.

Many middle-class families are left out of the plan, as the plan targets the low-income sector.

While the plan has not yet been passed, Democrats are still struggling to come to an agreement on what it would include.

The plan could possibly end up being worth far less than $400 billion.

By opening options with Medicaid or Medicare, it would also alleviate stress off of families.

At the moment Medicare home care is only available to those who need a specific form of therapy can have a certified Medicare home health aid.

If that expanded, family members could work part time in addition to caring for their family members.

Not only is that a major issue, but wages are incredibly low for home health care aids, many of which have found themselves seeking better paying jobs amid the pandemic.

Higher wages could help bolster the workforce and provide more, much needed care.

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