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Will your state require a digital drivers license soon?

People are beginning to rely so heavily on their phones for identification, tickets, payment, and boarding passes that soon the regular drivers license may be obsolete.

Five states have launched their digital licenses, and three more are planning to soon.

The ability to use an app with an ID in it also allows the owner of the ID to choose what information they’re sharing for its intended purpose, unlike all of the information at once on a photo ID card.

Experts believe that the idea of contactless identification came about ten years early due to the pandemic and wanting to create more distance between people.

While many people find the idea innovative, others think it’s not as safe to have so much personal information on a phone.

Others worry that when a cop is handed a phone in place of an ID, a person’s fourth amendment right could be easily violated.

A technology company called IDEMIA has worked on several state’s mobile ID apps, and has completed apps for three states so far. They plan to finish seven more before the end of the year.

Utah has launched a pilot app, and Colorado and Louisiana launched their apps first but don’t follow newly released standards.

Colorado, along with Idaho, Maryland, Wyoming and Washington, D.C., have a grant to test apps, and Florida and Wyoming plan to do the same.

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