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CANDIDATE Q&A: Jeffrey Emerson, candidate for Cayuga County Legislature District #3

This year we’re giving candidates seeking office in the Finger Lakes the opportunity to let their voices be heard in a special Q&A feature. If you’re a candidate and would like to participate by completing a short Q&A session – click here. Your answers (which can be as long as necessary) will be published directly on

Jeffrey Emerson is seeking to represent voters in District #3 on Cayuga County Legislature.

What prompted you to consider a run for office?

“Need new but experienced people in [Cayuga] County.”

What are the three most important issues in your race?

“County Executive, Fire and EMS services, water distribution and costs.”

What roadblocks stand in the way of addressing them? How will you be able to create change?

“No one wants to take the lead and open discussions.”

Holding local office is often a balancing act between keeping taxes low and maintaining services: How do you plan to achieve both?

“Taxpayers do not mind paying taxes if they are told the truth where every dollar is going.”

If you were elected tomorrow and given the ability to permanently change one thing about your community: What would it be?

“We need to help those that are unaware of the help that is available to them even if they don’t know how to ask.”

As a follow-up: What is one thing your community does right that you’d like to reinforce if elected?

“Support of Law Enforcement.”

Looking at your community over the next 10-20 years: What do you see? Are the actions being taken now good for the long-term sustainability of it?

“Tourists and points of interest. Better advertising of what the County has to offer.”

Rural communities in the Finger Lakes and Upstate New York are getting older. This poses challenges on a number of fronts (whether it be related to services or attracting a younger population for that long-term sustainability). What would you like to see happen to make your community better for aging population, as well as a place for people in their 20s and 30s to call home?

“Better senior housing so that a person or couple can live and not fear being left out, and creating an atmosphere in the area so young people want to come and raise a family in peace and education rich environment.”

People want to see change. So, give us the elevator pitch: Why should voters choose you this November? What differentiates you from any other candidate for local office?

“Open to debate and work with all the other Legislators to make Cayuga County a better place to live. Tell voters what is happening even if it is bad news. Must have some experience in Government to get things done.”