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COVID-19 targets people under 50 now more than ever during the pandemic, killing young parents everywhere

While people under 50 make up a small percentage of COVID-19 deaths, the most recent wave of positive cases has killed more than ever before since the pandemic began.

Dayton, Ohio has kept track of the COVID-19 deaths and it showed that Sept. was the deadliest month for anyone under 50, with Aug. being the second deadliest for that age group.

In Sept., 120 residents from Ohio under the age of 50 died of COVID-19. Two were under the age of 20 and 13 were in their 20s.

Throughout the whole pandemic 722 Ohio residents under 50 have died.

Now 3% of total deaths due to COVID in Ohio are under 50, and all deaths recorded in June, July, Aug. and Sept. are 9% under 50.

Many people believe COVID-19 deaths are due to comorbidities, but a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care show that 17% of deaths were in perfectly healthy people with no underlying health conditions.

In Dayton, by the end of Aug. 35% of Dayton Children’s Hospital patients had no underlying health conditions or comorbidities.

Experts urge people of all ages to get the vaccine, and state the a lot of deaths due to COVID-19 have been preventable.

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