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Why doesn’t Moderna have a COVID-19 booster vaccine yet?

FDA scientists have released documents that show the reason for not approving a booster shot is because there were not enough antibodies produced after the third dose in trials.

While there was an increase in antibodies, it wasn’t enough.

Many people who already had high levels of antibodies saw no increase, and it even raised the question of whether the first two doses were just incredibly effective.

John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York interviewed with Yahoo News and discussed the FDA and what questioned they still have.

He explained that there was indeed boosting of antibodies, but there is no standard for boosting, so it’s hard to say how much there even was in the study.

Bloomberg suggested the FDA may opt for a half dose for the booster shot, which would help Moderna spread faster as well as diminish the side effects.

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