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Walgreens accidentally injects entire family, including two small children, with COVID-19 vaccine instead of flu shot

Parents brought their children to a Walgreens Pharmacy in Indiana last week for the family to receive flu shots, but instead they all received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Joshua and Alexandra Price brought their two young kids, ages 4 and 5, to Walgreens for the whole family to get their flu shots.

An hour and a half after their shots, the pharmacist called to let them know a mistake was made and they were all given the Pfizer vaccine.

The parents were concerned for themselves after already being vaccinated last April, but their daughter, age 5, and son, age 4, were what they were really concerned for.

Parents say their son felt ill before they even arrived home.

Right now the vaccine is approved for anyone 16 and older, but the plans to give it to younger children include giving them much less of a dosage than adults get.

Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine told CNN that the parents doses were similar to a booster and the children should be okay after receiving three times the dosage seen in trials.

The family asked for vaccine cards for their medical records, but Walgreens hesitated to supply them. The Price’s obtained an attorney.

They were able to get the cards the next day.

The children have experienced worsening symptoms and their parents took them to a cardiologist.

The son has improved but their daughter has worsened, and they are being treated for tachycardia and elevated blood pressure.

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