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NOAA issues warning for solar storm, Northern Lights could be seen as low as New York

The NOAA recently issued a warning for a Geomagnetic K-index of 4, which could impact Earth’s power grids.

Solar storms

A solar storm is also called a geomagnetic storm, and it can disturb the magnetic field on Earth.

These happen when the sun gives off big bursts of energy called coronal mass ejections.

A stream of electrical charges caused by radiation are thrown toward Earth at 3,000 mph.

These happen in 11 year cycles, and Earth has just begun a new one.

Northern Lights

This is how people are able to see the infamous Northern Lights.

The colors are commonly green but can range to white and purple.

Oct. 12 brought a solar storm large enough that the Northern Lights were seen in places as low as New York.

What solar storms do

The biggest impact solar storms have is disrupting the atmosphere and messing with radio signals and power grids.

People in the most danger are astronauts currently in space, and the storm this week was rated as moderately strong.

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Weaker storms don’t impact the planet.

Super flares

Scientists say Earth will likely have a major storm within the next 100 years.

While rare, it’s likely one will occur.

This may wipe out all technology on the planet.

It could deplete the ozone layer which would expose people on planes to radiation and cause them to lose radio signal.

It may even lead to a low-level extinction event.

These super flares have happened while humans have inhabited the Earth, but never when they’ve relied on the technology we have today.

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