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The Cannabis Control Board is getting to work on the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act

The newly formed Cannabis Control Board is getting to work on the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.

Focuses include redefining medical cannabis, putting together the legalities of the market, and repairing harms done while marijuana was illegal.

Right now it’s legal for someone to hold 3 ounces of cannabis on them over the age of 21.

Now, comes the organization of licensing and social equity.

Licenses needed include:

  • Adult-use cultivator
  • Delivery
  • Microbusiness (growing and selling)
  • Nursery

As for social equity, 50% of licenses are given to groups that take priority:

  • Minority owned businesses
  • Women owned businesses
  • Distressed farmers
  • Service disabled veterans

These decisions and implementation of regulations are all handled by the five person panel that makes up the control board.

What about people in jail for Cannabis?

Article 221 made the sale, use, and possession of marijuana illegal and has been repealed- but it’s still illegal for amounts over 3 ounces.

Thousands of arrests will be expunged or sealed now that it’s been decriminalized.

Other changes the Cannabis Control Board is making

Towns, villages, and cities can still opt out by Dec. 31, but counties may not.

Municipalities that opt out will miss out on the tax revenue the cannabis brings in, and dispensaries already can’t be close to schools or churches, per the control board.

The cannabis board has also redefined what medical marijuana is and how it’s considered to be medical.

Patients will now be able to get a 60 day supply instead of one month, the $50 caregiver and patient registration fee is waived, and more places can now hold cannabis like hospitals and residential facilities.