Pfizer has a booster vaccine, but when will Moderna and Johnson & Johnson?

The Pfizer booster shot has been approved for COVID-19 for certain people, but following the CDC and FDA’s discussions, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna have not been brought up.

The CDC states there is not enough data for the safety and effectiveness just yet on either vaccine, but clinical studies so far are promising.

Moderna has given their booster 6 months after the last dose and shows increased protection.

Moderna is looking to authorize a booster dose of 50 micrograms of mRNA, and their first two doses have 100 micrograms. Pfizer’s doses all have 30 micrograms of mRNA. Johnson & Johnson doesn’t use mRNA.

The clinical studies for Johnson & Johnson show that a second shot 6 months later increases antibodies 12 fold within 4 weeks.

While Pfizer has been FDA approved, Moderna has made it so immunocompromised people can get a third dose.

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