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Rochester takes first place for number one city of most stressed sleep patterns

A recent study has labeled Rochester as one of the most insomnia-stressed cities in the world.

A research tool called TensiStrength took time to analyze tweets that talk about stress-induced sleep patterns, and Rochester residents apparently have the most stressed patterns.

Twitter API software pulled tweets that had terms like sleep, slept, nap, and woke up. TensiStrength then used geotags on the tweets to determine location.

The study was conducted by, a blog out of the UK about mattresses and pillows.

Other findings from the study included Chile being the number one country for a stressful night of sleep, Alabama being the number one state for highest sleep stress rate, and Liverpool and Manchester in the UK being the second and third highest cities for a stressful nights sleep.

The CDC recommends 7 or more hours of sleep for adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle and 8-10 hours for kids. However, most high school students get less than 8 hours on school nights.

Issues that could arise out of adults getting less sleep than they should include obesity, being physically inactive, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and depression.

Residents on the east coast appear to be greatly affected by insomnia at higher rates than other areas in the country.

Some experts say the lights and cities are the reason, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls is an environmental sleep disorder.

Here are some tips from Dr. Jonathan Marcus, a University of Rochester sleep expert, to help create better sleeping habits:

  • Only sleep the amount that you need- excess sleep can cause fragmented and shallow sleep.
  • Wake up at the same time every single day.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Make the room you sleep in quiet and dark.
  • If you are not tired, don’t try to sleep. Instead do something like reading or listening to music to take your mind off sleep.
  • Don’t watch the clock when trying to sleep.