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Monthly TikTok challenges create disruption for schools

School districts across the United States  are discovering that monthly TikTok challenges are causing disruption, destruction of property and offensive conduct from students who use the popular social media platform. These monthly TikTok challenges encourage extremely inappropriate behavior in schools.

Monthly TikTok Challenges

There is a different “challenge” each month on TikTok

School administrators are asking for any support parents can provide at home to help students make good decisions and not engage in these very disruptive and inappropriate activities. Engaging in these monthly TikTok challenges are resulting in discipline based on violations of student code of conduct and, in many cases, criminal charges.

Here is the list of monthly challenges that are well known to teenage users but are just now coming to the attention of parents and school leaders. The monthly TikTok challenges can change over time, but this is what has been posted to Tik Tok most recently:

  • September – Mess up a toilet/vandalize a restroom
  • October – Smack a staff member on the backside
  • November – Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school
  • December – Show your b**** in school halls (expose your private area)
  • January – Jab a breast
  • February – Mess up school signs
  • March – Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
  • April – Grab some “eggz” (theft/stealing)
  • May – Ditch day
  • June – Flip off front office
  • July – Spray a neighbor’s fence

As you can see, these TikTok challenges are extremely inappropriate, offensive, and destructive. High Schools across the country have experienced vandalism in bathrooms and locker rooms over the past month of September. This vandalism has created significant work for custodial/maintenance staff and unnecessary expenses to school districts. Get essay writing help online.

Schools are turning to parents for help by making sure that their child is not participating in any of these monthly TikTok challenges and show respect for classmates, school employees district property and to observe proper use of social media.

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