How to use TikTok to grow your business

Have you started a new small business and are finding yourself struggling to gain any growth? Have you ever thought about using TikTok as a way to promote your brand and grow your business?

TikTok has very quickly become the most downloaded and popular social media app of the century which an average of approximately 800 million users worldwide posting content to the platform multiple times a day. Initially it wasn’t thought of as a place for brands to market them products or services because it seemed like it was just a whole bunch of kids dancing to the same viral song with the same viral dance move. It turns out that this is completely incorrect and has turned out to be one of the best marketing strategies any company could have taken on.

It can be difficult to make sense of TikTok and how to grow your business on there, or increase the number of followers you have, especially if you are new to the platform. Here are a few tips and trick that might help you use TikTok to grow your business.

Create engaging content

Many users are primarily on TikTok just to pass some time and find some entertainment while they are bored. This means that if your content does not appeal to them within the first few seconds, it is a waste of their time and they quickly swipe to the next video. To avoid being looked over, you need to create entertaining, interesting, and engaging content, that viewers would be more likely to enjoy.

When advertising your product or service, you don’t want people to become bored, as this won’t result in TikTok views. A good way to keep interest is by making content that keeps up with viral trends such as dances, sound clips, and songs. If you do this while maintain that same tone of business voice you started off with, you are well on your way down the road to success


Influencers are a relatively new concept. When you think of famous people, you think of movie or film celebrities, or sports superstars, or amazing singers. This isn’t the case anymore. With social media becoming all the rage, there has been an influx of new content creator on platforms that amass millions of followers very quickly, usually by posting something that becomes viral. These people are influencers.

A great way to extend your reach and take advantage of other people’s followers is by sending your product to an influencer to get them to promote it. Usually these are done in brand deals with a hefty fee attached but sometime you will get lucky and someone will love your product and want to share it with their followers too. This is a fantastic tool for exposure.

Use TikTok ads

For those who have a bigger budget and are willing to spend a bit of cash in order to make your brand noticed on TikTok, there is advertising available. This is a relatively new feature that the app has begun to offer which means it is a little bit more costly, however, because they have become increasingly more popular, they have introduced more variety of advertising options that allows for different price ranges for business to make use of. With infeed, brand takeover, and brand hashtag challenges, there is something that will suit almost any business should they be wanting to spend a few bucks to get their profile off the ground.

Don’t focus on perfection

TikTok is very much a place of authenticity. It is based on a community vibe where people are respectful of everything and people support others. Perfectionism can be left for Instagram.

People use TikTok to post practically anything their heart desire which can be fun, original, and make it kind of a messy place to be. But what makes this all so fantastic is that people just want to be entertained and they don’t care so much about high quality productions. People aren’t afraid to post whatever they have just slapped together in a matter of minutes.

When trying to build your brand on TikTok, going with a similar approach might just be your best friend. Lower production standards will allow you to fit in more and make your content feel more real rather than purely just trying to advertise something to someone.