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Start shopping for Christmas now to avoid supply chain issues

The pandemic has caused a lot of issues, and one has been empty shelves in stores and limited or no supplies.

Every year people say they want to start their Christmas shopping early, but they never actually do it.

If there was a year to start, it would be this one.

Shelves are still empty even though life has gone back to a little more normal since the pandemic first began.

This is because the entire process is a mess.

Ports in the U.S. where cargo comes in are severely backed up, there are labor shortages at the docks, shipping is slow, and there’s a labor shortage in the trucking industry.

This year, like last, has been unpredictable and unusual, so the best thing to do is get started early for Christmas shopping.

Start by making a cheat sheet: everyone’s sizes, favorites, and what everyone wants the most.

Next, set a budget. This can help you stop buying things when you’re finished.

Finally, have backup plans so if shipping gets messed up, or if things are out of stock, you’ll still be prepared Christmas morning.

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