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Yates County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers that harvest season brings slow moving vehicles

With harvest season coming up, the Yates County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind drivers to be mindful of slow moving traffic and farm equipment.

“Fall is my favorite season and many motorists enjoy seeing the vista’s and the foliage on our trees,” said Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike, “It is also harvest time, and you are likely to see farm equipment on our roadways that move slowly from farm to farm or field to field.”

Just like with horse and buggies, and bicycles a motorist must be aware to keep alert and slow down when encountering slow moving vehicles (SMV).

“Ninety percent of our collisions with SMV’s are rear end collisions, and not the fault of the SMV operator,” said the Sheriff. “Distracted driving and speed differences makes closure times in just seconds. All motor vehicle operators need to be alert for the SMV displaying the orange triangle that must be on the rear of all vehicles that travel less than 25 mph.”

Each piece of agricultural equipment whether self-propelled, or used in combination shall separately display a SMV triangle emblem.

Motorist need to recognize this symbol. Farm equipment may be wider and larger due to harvest that may include combines, tractors, gran wagons and large trucks.

Spike offers safety tips to motorists in the Finger Lakes Region encountering a slow moving vehicle on the roadway:

Slow down by reducing speeds immediately;

  • Increase your following distance to create a safety zone;
  • Be alert and watch for turns;
  • Be patient. The machinery operator will let you pass when there is room to get the equipment off the road;
  • Pass with care, and only when it is safe and legal to do so;
  • Be aware animal power vehicles may make unanticipated movements; or turns into driveways;
  • Use caution when encountering a horse drawn vehicle from opposite direction;
  • Avoid blowing the horn, as might frighten the animal;
  • Be aware that SMV operators may have poor visibility due to loads or equipment being towed;
  • Be aware that equipment in tow may sway.

“Awareness of these SMV type vehicles by reducing your speed and using caution when encountering will give safety to all when sharing the roadway with them,” said the Sheriff.