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Pfizer officially releases list of side effects that can happen from the COVID booster vaccine

300 participants were tested during a trial of the Pfizer booster shot and the FDA has shared the results.

COVID-19 booster shot side effects

The most common side effects were fatigue at 63.7%, headaches at 48.4%, and muscle pain at 39.1%.

Pfizer states that the side effects were mild to moderate and that 44 participants out of the 306 had at a minimum of one unexpected side effect.

The most common among unexpected side effects was swollen lymph nodes.

Is a COVID-19 booster shot actually necessary?

It appears that there is still significant protection from severe illness and hospitalization from the original two-dose vaccine.

While the Biden administration continues to push for the FDA approval of the booster shot for the general public ages 16 and up, FDA experts think it’s inappropriate considering the protection still provided from prior shots.

An emergency use authorization from the FDA has been provided for immunocompromised individuals and people over the age of 65 that actually need the extra protection.

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