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The workforce within long-term care facilities has always suffered, but what happens if it gets even worse?

Long-term care facilities have been suffering from staff shortages since before the pandemic, but now they’re the worst they’ve been.

Following the pandemic, more workers left, and now with the vaccine mandate quickly approaching, many more are expected to leave.

Healthcare workers were some of the first people to get their vaccines, and around 70% of staff in the workforce are vaccinated.

Still, Stephen Hanse, the president and CEO of the New York State Health Facilities Association and the Center for Assisted Living, is asking for a testing alternative to avoid making the shortage worse.

Areas that already have low staffing issues will only see it get worse, as Governor Kathy Hochul has made it clear the mandate is moving ahead despite it being challenged in court.

Hanse has suggested starting the recruitment process as early as high school to help fix staffing issues in the future.