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Most social security offices are still closed: How to get an appointment for benefits or a new card

Why have social security offices not fully reopened? That has been a major point of contention for people attempting to conduct normal business since offices and facilities have been reopening.

It’s particularly important as social security benefits are expected to get a major cost of living boost in 2022.

News10NBC investigated office hours looking into the reason behind continued closure. Other federal agencies, like the post office, have been reopened for months.

Most of the issue revolves around the categories of service offices provide. If you need help with benefits, the Social Security Administration says it will schedule an in-person appointed for you. But those appointments are only available in select, critical situations.

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If you need help with your social security number, it’s a little more complex. Again though, appointments are only available on a scattered basis. There’s a priority list for different situations.

The big takeaway is this, though: No SSA office is open for walk-ins. In fact, it doesn’t appear as though the agency has any plans of returning to that practice in the near- to medium-term future.

Here’s the full statement SSA sent News10NBC:

“We have been and remain open for business, and we currently provide multiple service delivery options for all Americans. Most social security services are available to the public online at, and with a “my social security” account, by telephone, or via in-person appointments for limited, critical situations, depending upon local office conditions. If a person cannot use our online services, they can call their local office ( or our national 800 number, 1-800-772-1213, for assistance. These service options are available in every state and ensure that we are able to deliver service across the country.

Each week we are increasing the number of personnel in our field offices to provide more in-office appointments. We have more than 1,200 field offices staffed with personnel who are conducting in-person appointments and other services.”

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