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$399 million in rent relief has been distributed in New York: Landlords and tenants still waiting though

After a scathing report a few weeks ago showing how little rent relief New York Stat had distributed to landlords and tenants, the Hochul Administration says progress is being made.

Governor Kathy Hochul said on Tuesday that more money was going out to tenants who are behind on their rent. She also said that additional rent relief was going out to undocumented immigrants who did not qualify for federal stimulus checks.

The eviction moratorium was extended for New York, what does that mean for landlords?

Many landlord advocacy groups in the state were critical of Hochul and Democrats who pushed to extend the eviction moratorium in New York through January 15, 2022. However, the governor promised that more money would go out to tenants and landlords so that they would stop bearing the brunt of the economic backlash.

At this point, $399 million has been distributed, according to the Hochul Administration. That’s twice as much had been distributed when she took office.

“When I was sworn in as Governor just three weeks ago today, I made it clear that my top priority was to accelerate getting relief money out the door as quickly as possible to New Yorkers struggling from the economic devastation of the pandemic,” Hochul said. “While we are ramping up those efforts, our work still isn’t done. We will continue to provide critical assistance to excluded workers, pandemic-affected households that have fallen behind on their rent, and the landlords who saw their rental income drop significantly during the global health crisis.”

The state has more than $1 billion available for rent relief. Republicans have said throughout the last 30 days that money is not being distributed quickly enough, and that small ‘mom and pop’ landlords are being crushed by delinquent renters.