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Schedule vaccine appointments online for Covid-19 vaccine

Scheduling vaccine appointments online for Covid-19 has never been easier. Getting your vaccine shot(s) is just a couple of clicks away. If you aren’t yet vaccinated, now is the time to make your vaccine appointment online.

Schedule vaccine appointment online

With the Covid-19 vaccine available to anyone over age 12 who wants it in the Unites States, those who have yet to receive the vaccine can easily schedule a vaccine appointments online. Whether you want to receive the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you can schedule an appointment to get the shot administered.

Choose a pharmacy in your area and click the links below to schedule vaccination:

The CDC has also provided a comprehensive vaccine finder tool. Using the tool users can enter a zip code and find vaccination providers nearby.

For individuals under 18, a parent or guardian is required to complete the online appointment scheduling and to provide consent to receive the vaccine. Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the appointment. The federal government is providing the COVID-19 vaccine free to all people living in the United States. This applies regardless of immigration or health insurance status. No one will be turned away because they do not have an ID or insurance.

Benefits to getting vaccinated:

  • The vaccine will prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from becoming seriously ill or dying from Coronavirus
  • The more citizens who get vaccinated making it harder for the disease to spread and moves the community to herd immunity
  • Once vaccinated you will be far less likely to  spread the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Higher vaccination rated will prevent COVID-19 from mutating and possibly becoming more resistant to vaccines

A person is considered vaccinated 2 weeks after you get a second dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna ot Pfizer) or 2 weeks after receiving a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. After fully vaccinated, individuals can feel better about safely returning to activities that they might not have been able to previously due to the pandemic.

If you still have not been vaccinated, your local health officials urge you to seek out the vaccine online to make your appointment today.

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