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Food stamp SNAP benefits will increase by 25% in October according to a new USDA assessment

SNAP benefits will increase by over 25% starting in October.

Beginning in October, recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits will see the permanent 25% increase. It’s the highest increase in the program’s history.

The USDA looked at its programs components and made the determination based on what Americans normally eat, current prices of food, dietary structure, and nutrients found in foods.

After finding that the cost-effective diet is now 21% higher, the USDA realized families have needed to buy cheaper food to cover the cost of making food last.

Beginning in October, beneficiaries can expect to see an increase in SNAP benefits of about $36 per person.

Tips that can help families save money include taking an inventory of food items at home, bringing a grocery list, buying sale products or store brands, and using digital coupons.

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