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State labor department launches programs, tools, and resources to get people back to work

The state’s Department of Labor is doing more for jobless workers looking to get back into the workforce as long-term unemployment benefits enhanced by the federal government because of the coronavirus pandemic come to an end.

There will be resources like career exploration tools, resume assistance, interview practice, and other tools – all intended to help make it easier for people to get a job.

The state’s $300 enhancement to unemployment came to an end over the Labor Day weekend, prompting many to begin looking for work.

There are also online learning portals, and online training available through the Department of Labor.

“Connecting unemployed New Yorkers with jobs that are available now, while filling a void for the businesses that have an immediate need are critical to reinvigorating our economy and our state,” Reardon said. “Finding new and innovative ways to connect job seekers with the jobs they love, and businesses with the skilled workers they need, is the best way to strengthen our workforce and build back our economy stronger and better than ever.”

Click here to check out individual programs and opportunities for training and career enhancement.

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