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Ontario County Sheriff’s Office still searching for who hit a horse and buggy last week before fleeing

The search is still on for the green Chevy pickup that hit the horse and buggy in Gorham and drove away.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson expresses frustration over the person not turning themselves in and leads turning up nothing.

This is also the first time someone has hit a horse and buggy and fled the scene in the county.

53-year-old Annetta Fox and 18-year-old Roseanna Fox were struck from behind last Wednesday and taken to Strong Memorial Hospital. The horse needed to be euthanized.

The description of the truck came from three nearby men who had been chopping wood and heard the collision before seeing the truck drive toward Rushville.

As time goes by, Henderson says the case may become harder to solve.

Anyone with any information is urged to reach out to the sheriff’s office.