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Taliban celebrated as the last plane flew back to America out of the Kabul airport Monday night

After the last plane left to head back to the United States from Afghanistan, the Taliban shot guns into the air to celebrate what they see as a victory.

The plane departed the Kabul airport at 3:29 p.m., one minute before midnight in Kabul, marking the end of America’s longest war.

The Taliban pledged to restore peace and security, but Afghans remain frightened and incidents of killing and abuse is being reported.

The U.S. entered Afghanistan after al-Qaida’s terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, sheltering under the Taliban’s rule.

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America worked to help rebuild the country after the Taliban scattered within weeks, especially benefitting women who did not have access to education prior to the United States showing up.

The Taliban remained present though not in power for twenty years.

Isis was responsible for the attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 United States service members, and the Taliban has fought the more radical group before.

The Taliban has said they will prevent Afghanistan from becoming a base for terrorist attacks again, and was helpful in securing the airlift.

The Taliban may face Isis following their release of 2,000 Isis prisoners.

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They also say they want to take a more moderate stance, still allowing women to attend school and work, and said they will not retaliate against any Afghans that worked with the United States or their allies.

Afghans remain skeptical as thousands fled the country following the takeover.

The last military operation happened on Sunday when the U.S. carried out a drone strike against a vehicle of suicide bombers going to the airport.

People reported that the strike killed their relatives, innocent bystanders, and the U.S. has acknowledged but not verified the casualties.

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