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How are some of the biggest companies in the country enforcing mask and vaccine mandates?

Up until this point, companies were incentivizing the vaccine, however it looks like it may become a requirement as big companies across the country begin mandating it before individuals are allowed to come back to the office.

The following companies are requiring vaccines and enforcing specific guidelines:

Amtrak: Employees must be vaccinated by Nov. 1 or submit to weekly tests. Beginning Oct. 4 anyone hired needs to provide proof of vaccination.

AT&T: Management employees are required to be vaccinated if working in the office by Oct. 11.

Barclays Center: Anyone entering the center needs to provide proof of vaccination starting Sept. 13. Anyone 12 and older needs to show proof they’ve received at least one dose.

Carnival Cruise Line: Starting Aug. 28 all guests over 12 need to be vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption. Proof of age or vaccination is required.

DoorDash: Corporate employees will be required to get vaccinated, but employees are currently allowed to work from home if they choose to. Starting in January there will be a hybrid work model for corporate.

Equinox Group: All corporate employees and customers need to show proof of vaccine one time starting in NY in Sept.

Facebook: All employees in U.S. offices are required to get the vaccine before returning to the office.

Frontier Airlines: All direct employees will need to be vaccinated by Oct. 1 or submit to weekly testing.

Genesis Healthcare: All employees were required to get the vaccine by Aug. 23 or face losing their jobs.

Google: They require all people returning to the office to get vaccinated but are extending working from home to Oct. 18.

Humana: Employees that work outside their homes must get vaccinated, including at any Humana facilities. This took effect when Pfizer approved the vaccine and employees have 60 days to show they’ve had the vaccine.

Lyft: All corporate employees must be vaccinated before returning to the office, but drivers are not mandated. The corporate offices are not opening until February of 2022.

McDonald’s: All United States office employees for the company will need to be vaccinated by Sept. 27 and continue mask use. Corporate offices will not reopen until October.

MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas: All employees need the vaccine or to pay for the $15 fee of COVID testing before work.

Microsoft: Beginning in September anyone entering a Microsoft campus needs to show proof of vaccine. Offices will reopen after Oct. 4.

NBC Universal: All employees returning to in-office work in the fall will need to be vaccinated.

Pfizer: It is reported that all employees get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.

Sundance Film Festival: Anyone attending any events including the festival which is in January of 2022, needs to show proof of vaccine.

Twitter: In order to return to the office vaccines are required, but extended their work from home option indefinitely.

Tyson Foods: All employees will need the vaccine by Oct. 1 if working in the offices and Nov. 1 if working anywhere else. A $200 incentive is being offered for those who can prove they’re vaccinated.

United Airlines: Now that Pfizer is FDA approved, employees have until five weeks after its approval date or face losing their job.

The Walt Disney Company: All salary and non-union hourly wage employees will need the vaccine and have 60 days to get it.

Walmart: Employees at the headquarters and traveling managers will be required to get the vaccine by Oct. 4. The mandate does not apply to frontline employees.

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