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Door to door contact seems to be helping communities that distrust the vaccine decide whether or not to become vaccinated

Researchers find that when people are hesitant about getting the vaccine, a one on one conversation is helpful when educating them on the benefits it has.

Some say they got it because of the Delta variant this time around.

71.8% of people eligible for the vaccine in Monroe County have had at least one dose, but there are still disparities in minority communities.

Zip codes with the most Latino community members are 14613, 14621 and 14605, and those zip codes have the lowest vaccination rates.

Director of Stability Education and Employment Services at IBERO American Action League, Daisy Ruiz-Marin says there’s a lot of medical distrust as well as a history of racial discrimination. This and the vaccine being rolled out so quickly has caused skepticism.

It’s being found that bilingual outreach workers going door to door to speak with families is having a positive impact.

On Friday there were 118 hospitalizations due to COVID in the Finger Lakes Region, and on Saturday it was up to 134.