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Once in a very Blue Moon this weekend

A “Blue Moon” is set to rise this weekend over the Finger Lakes on Sunday. The last time we saw the astrological highlight was on October 31, 2020 or just over nine months ago.

The appearance of a “Blue Moon” is a relatively rare phenomenon when compared to how often the term is used in our popular vernacular. It involves the appearance of an additional full moon within a given period. According to Wikipedia, the term “Blue Moon” has traditionally, in the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, referred to an “extra” full moon, where a year which usually has 12 full moons has 13 instead.

Unfortunately, the forecast is for mostly cloudy skies on Sunday evening. At time of publication, the National Weather Service is calling for a chance of showers and thunderstorms before sunset and then mostly cloudy, with a low of around 67 degrees. But, if the overcast conditions break, even a little, it would create some dramatic skies to enjoy as the sunlight reflected off this weekend’s blue moon and illuminates the shines through the clouds.

After the blue moon this weekend, the next one will be August 19, 2024 so get out and look up because this won’t happen again for a few years. Or to celebrate, break out Nanci Griffith’s “Once in a Very Blue Moon” while you bask in the light overnight!

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