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Rauber’s Agway closes after 70 years of business

After 70 years of service, Rauber’s Agway in Wayland has closed its doors for good.

The company was purchased by Richard Rauber from his uncle around 1965 and it eventually expanded to start selling appliances while also sticking with hardware and agricultural goods.

The business moved to a larger location in 1981 where it would remain for the remainder of its time of 40 years.

The family stayed incredibly involved throughout the stores functioning, all while raising children and handling family members passing away.

After Covid-19 hit, the business’s biggest problem was keeping appliances in stock. After placing orders for up to 60 appliances, they would only be able to receive 6-8. Soon after, the siblings all made the decision to close.

The end of July marked the final sale for Rauber’s Agway.