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Do men wear engagement rings?

A promise of love, and a dream of forever, an engagement ring, is a symbol of togetherness that is nurtured by couples all across the world. Both men and women give importance to this ring irrespective of their culture and value system. And media, especially films, are filled with romantic stories around the engagement ring which marks a couple’s journey of commitment.  

Women are known to wear the ring more diligently than their male counterparts. Today, where equality of every gender is given prominence, men wear the engagement ring with equal dedication and love towards their better half. In the present times, the engagement ring gives confidence to both men and women about their relationship.

 But, some men and women opine that they do not need a ring to prove their love or commitment towards their partner. Their love towards each other is enough and they do not want to exhibit it everywhere. On the contrary, many young couples consider the ring as a symbol of pride and commitment. 

Origin of engagement rings as a symbol of love for men

The engagement ring, shaped as a circle is a symbol of boundless love, that shows how two individuals are beautifully connected. The concept of the engagement ring originated in Rome. They believed that the ring should be worn by both men and women on the left finger which has a vein, “vena amoris”, that is linked to the heart directly. 

Men rarely wore the engagement ring till the 20th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, some men in Europe wore Gimmel rings, which comprised of two interlocking circles. But, the second world war led to this concept being adopted in the USA. To feel bonded with their beloved, American men started wearing the engagement ring or wedding band. Extravagant white weddings started promoting the ring as the symbol of prosperity. The American dream of every young couple would be to exchange wedding vows and exchange rings during the auspicious ring ceremony.

Moissanite, a new gemstone in the engagement ring market.

To meet the needs of lovers getting engaged across the world, Jewellers of the luxury industry are skilled in making affordable yet exquisite designs such as Moissanite rings. Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone born from the stars. This gemstone is as precious and beautiful as a diamond but is much more affordable.

Do men in India where engagement rings?

In India, the ring is a borrowed culture from the British. Rings made of gold are exchanged as a symbol of commitment between the ‘soon to be’, Bride and Groom. But, it is worn by men on the right-hand ring finger, since the left hand is considered inauspicious in India. This tradition is followed even now. Here, both men and women exchange rings and wear them as a mark of commitment, love, and trust till the wedding day. Even in the dating culture of India, men use the ring as a sign to indicate that they are in a relationship.

Design trends preferred by men while choosing engagement rings

 Engagement rings worn by men are usually subtle and simple, made of metal or platinum studded with a few diamonds or moissanite but not too glaring with many glittering stones. The individual’s personality should also match the ring he wears. Additionally, the profession of an individual determines the type of engagement ring. Those who do heavy-duty work often wear the ring as a pendant around their nape, to keep it safe.

 In the present day, some men are open to rings with bling and glitter as well. And, apart from steel and platinum, many are now opting for gold as the preferred metal for their engagement ring.

Who buys the ring for the groom?

Does the groom himself choose? Or do the bride and groom do it together? Buying the ring is a very ceremonious occasion for both bride and groom. And the ring makers, like Moissanite ring makers, through their boutique showrooms; ensure, that the couple gets the best experience possible.  

The ring ceremony and the selection is a special occasion for the bride and groom to be. It signifies their commitment to each other. In the olden days, men used to shy away from wearing rings. But, now they proudly wear this ornament as a mark of forever love.

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