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Auburn schools will reopen full-time, but maintain some COVID rules to limit quarantine impact

The Auburn Enlarged City School District wants the 2021-22 school year to be as normal as possible- even if that will come with specific guidance from New York State’s Department of Education on masking or other details.

That’s why the district says it’s planning on having students learn in-person five days per week.

“Our goal is to have our children in the classroom every day, and we are going to do it the healthiest way we possibly can,” Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo said during a board of education meeting. He said the County is working on some guidance as well.

Students will be expected to mask while indoors, or at least that’s the expectation as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has laid that out as a baseline for areas where transmission is considered ‘substantial’.

“We’ll reevaluate every month until we are back to the normal running of our schools,” Pirozzolo added during the meeting.

Some distancing will be implemented, with students maintaining three feet of distance between each other as much as possible. Pirozzolo said the rules are a simple matter of reducing quarantine risk. “The reason we’re doing this, whether you agree with masks or not, it has to do with quarantining. Because we have to quarantine our students under health guidelines,” Pirozzolo continued. “What we’re trying to do is create situations where we’re not going to have to quarantine our children so that they don’t miss in-person learning.”