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7 consumer reports competitors and alternatives

Consumer Reports is an online publication that has been around for over eight decades. It conducts in-depth reviews of products and services as well as comparing different brands. The company also has a research centre and laboratory for testing the products or services to offer consumers an unbiased report when making purchasing decisions. 

However, with stiff competition, other startups such as OveReview have joined the review market, and therefore consumers are spoilt for choice. Customers can use these reviews to make purchasing decisions and brands can benefit from increased traffic, conversions and sale revenue. 

There are many such companies that offer detailed reviews of products and services. However, we’ve narrowed down to the top seven. Here are the 7 consumer reports competitors and alternatives available for buyers. Keep reading.

  • Wirecutter

Wirecutter is a product review platform owned by the news publication The New York Times Company. It tests different appliances, electronics, kids’ clothes, home & garden and more. The company has independent laboratories where it commissions the tests and rates the products depending on different aspects such as quality, material, and value for money and ease of use. 

In addition, there are detailed product buying guides of different products to help you make informed decisions when comparing different items. The company explains a step by step process of how the products are tested and the metrics used. 

Mostly some tests involve giving some products to different categories of consumers over a period of time and collecting the findings.

  • America’s Test Kitchen

PBS and Create company broadcasts America’s Test Kitchen by testing various recipes available on the cookbook collection on its website as TV shows, videos and podcasts. Here you can find complete cookbooks on how to cook various delicacies. 

However, it’s a paid subscription service, but new users have a two week free trial period. In addition, there are dozens of product reviews and buying guides on cooking appliances, tools and gadgets, kitchen basics and cookware. 

Finally, the cook school section has over three hundred courses with step-by-step techniques and recipes on preparing various recipes.

  • Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is a non-governmental online resource that provides you with detailed reviews and customer news. In addition, it offers buyers vital information about their rights, options or opportunities when bargaining for a product or service.

Here you can find trending news on car warranties, home warranties, medical alert systems, movers and more. Also, there are detailed reviews from a wide variety of niches. For example, there are topics on credit cards, bathtubs, pets, insurance, health and fitness, baby, parenting, electronics and more.

The platform also allows users to write personal reviews about their experiences on certain products or services. Each review has a star rating and several responses from customers.

  • OveReview

OveReview is an online-based review company with over 2000000 reviews of different products on services. The company has a team of professionals who spend hundreds of hours researching brands, analyzing product reviews of certain products and creating tools to help buyers make decisions through a painless process.

The platform encourages consumer engagement by collecting reviews of products or services and giving a platform for customers to respond, generate insight and leave products about their experience on using certain products and services.

In addition, the company uses an AI tool that analyzes thousands of products each day and awards scores based on various metrics such as size, quality, value for money, ease of use and durability.

You can find everything here from yoga product reviews, diapers reviews to native shoe reviews. Other product categories include; computers, electronics, automotive, arts and crafting, handmade, beauty & personal care, baby, sports, appliances and fashion. 

  • Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an open company that provides data, information or analytics on consumer goods. The reviews are a bit personalized because it allows buyers to leave comments or feedback of their experience, and other customers can use the information to make purchasing decisions.

The platform also allows users to find companies and research brands before subscribing to any service or buying goods. The products have certain stores depending on popularity and good reviews or ratings from customers.

Some of the categories include; banks, travel insurance, car dealer, jewellery store, pet store and electronics.

  • Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved collects different customer reviews on products or services and showcases them on its platform for customers to make buying decisions. The information is user generated and turns ratings or reviews on products into a powerful marketing strategy. Therefore brands can use this information to develop marketing strategies that will enhance customer experience.

The brand collects reviews from verified buyers of products or services to develop an unbiased opinion. Also, the reviews mean that the feedback generated is credible to assist buyers when purchasing products or paying for services.

In addition, the brand uses innovative tools such as product review software to display the ratings in other areas such as Google Ads, Google Shopping and Bing. In return, brands can benefit from more traffic, better visibility and increased sales revenues.

  • TrustRadius

TrustRadius has over 300,000 reviews and ratings from verified customers on the platform. As a result, companies trying out new services or intending to buy or upgrade certain software or programs can rely on the platform to get unbiased reviews. The reviews have different scores, with the highest being 10/10.

Some of the categories include; HR, Marketing, Sales, Enterprise, IT, Financial Services and Development.

The website has a detailed review process that mostly focuses on computer software products such as Paycom, InfoSec Skills, HR tools, HRMS platform and API management.


It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a product or service and not get what you need. Therefore, reviews are important because they enable you to make informed decisions about an item for spending your money.

Reviews help in increasing conversions, generating traffic and sales. Companies and customers find great success with online reviews regardless of the type of business. 

If you’re thinking about using reviews before buying or paying for a product or service, the review websites should be the first stop since you’ll get the right infographic to answer your concerns.

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