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People express confusion with the constant change in guidelines surrounding Covid-19

With the way CDC guidance is set up surrounding how to handle the virus, people are expressing confusion.

Health officials say to follow the CDC guidelines the way they’re laid out.

One example is in Cayuga County where the transmission level went from moderate, to substantial, and back to moderate.

Oneida County Public Health Director Dr. Dan Gilmore said said his best advice is to follow the guidelines for the particular category you might be in on any given day.

Oneida has entered the substantial category, Gilmore saying he is seeing over double the amount of new cases compared to one week ago.

He suggests anyone at higher risk for infection should consider wearing masks.

The state recently announced they wouldn’t be releasing guidelines for returning to school, so districts will need to figure it out themselves.

Gilmore suggests schools follow the guidelines released bu the CDC for school an a minimum.