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Cayuga Legislature Chair: “Reduce transmission to keep our kids in school and keep our economy rolling”

The chair of the Cayuga County Legislature is asking residents to mask up.

While the county hasn’t made any official steps in implementing a mask request among residents or visitors- Aileen McNabb-Coleman tweeted out a message on Monday.

“Time to mask up,” she said. “Vaccinated or not. If unvaccinated and eligible, make a plan to get a vaccine. We need to reduce transmission to keep our kids IN school and keep our economy rolling.”

“Cayuga County has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the region and now is considered to have a substantial level of community transmission. At this time, I encourage and recommend anyone who is eligible to be vaccinated to get a COVID vaccine now. In addition, all members of the community regardless of vaccination status should be wearing a mask when in public and around others outside of their household. Your effort to get vaccinated and continuing to wear a mask is the only way to preserve in-school education and a continued improved economy in our county,” she added in an official statement released by the health department.

The message raises questions about how districts will reopen next month. While some have expected a mask requirement for students and teachers- others have raised concerns about the delta variant, and the lack of vaccine eligibility among students.

Cayuga County joined Ontario, Seneca, and Wayne as those with ‘substantial’ spread, according to the latest CDC information.

The state has not stepped in with any specific policies- instead telling districts and counties to come up with plans sooner-than-later.

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo echoed that message- saying districts that wait will be met with a difficult situation come the first week of school.